100/100 with Rank Math

100/100 with Rank Math

This probably needs a bit of explanation.

What is 100/100 with Rank Math?

Rank Math is a relatively new plug-in (package that extends WordPress’ abilities) that helps websites improve their search engine optimisation (SEO).

I’m using it increasingly on client sites, because although SEO is not just down to using  a plug-in, it does help get some of the basics right.

The 100 ranking is good because you can fine tune aspects of your page content and see gradually how to get a higher score. It’s not always possible to get 100/100, but you can go a long way towards it with a little bit of care.

As always with Google, it’s down to consistency. Does the page title match the web page address, does it appear as a header, is it used as ALT tag on an image, is it in the search engine snippet (description) and so on.

You add your article title (or key phrase) into the Rank Math snippet editor (this controls the 2 lines of text you see below the Google link in your search results) then make adjustments to your content to improve the search score.

One feature in the (free) version of Rank Math where it can score over other plugins is the ability to have more than one key phrase without upgrading to a paid or subscription version. The limit is 5.

The example I’m using here was a recent (and topical one) for optimising a page on the Ullapool Community Trust website which pulls together all the news articles relating to Covid-19 in the Ullapool area.

If you want to get 100/100 with Rank Math on your webpages, just ask to make the switch (probably from a plug-in called Yoast). Rank Math imports all your existing settings and uses the same file name for the search engine map so there is no impact on your existing positioning in Google.

100 out of 100 with Rank Math to gain Google sitelinks
100 out of 100 with Rank Math to gain Google sitelinks

In a future blog post I’ll have a look at how using Rank Math’s pillar content option in the WordPress editor can help to achieve the sitelinks (the 6 featured pages under the home page in Google) you see in the image above for this client.

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