Poor performing website load

Improving WordPress Website Speed

One of the factors that Google looks at in determining how a website ranks in search results is page speed (how long it takes to load). And this is important as it’s part of their Core Web Vitals initiative.

I’ve just done an exercise for a client that shows how a few simple changes to a website can make a significant difference.

The main image above shows how the site scored before any changes.

I checked the size of images on the site and made sure all the photos were optimised.

Then I turned on CloudFlare in the site hosting options, which is, for this purpose, a content delivery network (CDN) which speeds up delivery of images depending on geographic location.

Interim speed check on website

Finally I had a look at what plug-ins were actually required to run the WordPress site, removed any unnecessary ones, and added WP Super Cache to speed things up.

With the results you see below.

Optimised website load time

So from 40% to 94%.

Let me know if you want to check out your website performance and see how I can help.

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