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Problem paying invoices?

Unlike most UK self-employed folk I’m lucky in that I still have some ongoing work from clients, but I appreciate that for many – particularly in the hospitality, tourism and leisure sectors – revenue has just dropped off a cliff edge, and you may have a problem paying invoices.

All web clients typically get 3 invoices from me a year, even if there are no modifications to the website during the 12 months.

  1. You pay for your domain name(s), some annually, some bi-annually.
  2. You pay an annual fee for hosting
  3. You may pay an annual fee for security updates to the WordPress content management system and the various plugins to make the site work.

I normally invoice 30 days in advance to give you time to sort out payment.

What to do if you have a problem paying invoices

If you know you’re going to have a problem paying please let me know.

Wherever practical I will always pay for domain name renewal, because once it’s not renewed, anyone can buy it and attempt to sell it back to you at an inflated price.

I can’t guarantee to pay for website hosting on your behalf as it’s more expensive than domain renewal. So your site may go offline. However, it is always possible to restore hosting at a later date, and I will have a backup of the latest version of your website and database.

Finally, if your site is still online but you can’t manage the annual maintenance fee in the short term, I will attempt to apply any major security updates that crop up until such time as you can make payment.

All I ask is you drop me an e-mail!

Keep safe, and see you on the other side…


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