WordPress and Elementor Update Issues

WordPress and Elementor Update Issues

Normal service will be resumed but WordPress and Elementor update issues recently have had a major impact on a number of client sites (and you should see the feedback from other web developers around the world on the Twitter and Facebook forums I follow).

WordPress has moved to to version 5.5 which is probably the biggest release in 18 months and has not been without it’s problems, although they were quick to release and update (5.5.1) yesterday.

But the news was announced with the cheerful headline:

WordPress 5.5.1 Fixes Millions of Broken Sites

The problem partially seems to be that not all plugin developers have got up to speed yet with this update, and version 5.5 seems keen to auto update plugins without intervention.

But the biggest issue has been with Elementor, and advanced layout plugin I use on a number of sites (not all, but a significant number).

This plugin is complicated by having a free and a pro (paid-for version) with different version numbers, so within a week we’re getting messages such as:

“Elementor 3.0 Update [Sept 02]: We just released an additional patch for Elementor Pro (3.0.3).
The patch solves the pagination in WP 5.5, as well as a Theme Builder issue.
This patch completes compatibility with WordPress 5.5. When upgrading to the new version of Elementor, be sure to backup your site first, and test the version in a staging environment to prevent any update related issues”

So at the moment I’m holding off on updating Elementor, but at least one site seems to have auto updated (or my client updated it) and it needs to be rolled back to a previous version to prevent a critical error. And I haven’t finished checking everyone yet…

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